Brendan gets to know ladies in ‘Op my eish!’


Although each of Brendan Peyper’s 12 chosen ladies stood shivering in the Eastern Free State cold, nothing dampened their excitement to get to know Brendan better.

In the latest episode of kykNET’s popular mate search series, On my demand!, the 12 women Brendan chose in the previous episode show up at the Uitzicht game farm just outside Fouriesburg. Although they were happy with their roommates and the amenities, the lack of closets made for great fun and laughter.

Among these ladies are Rachelle Fourie, Christine Kirkcaldy, Katja Pieters, Janae Stander, Sonel van der Walt, Thelmané Wentzel, Runet van Heerden (who came all the way from Dubai to meet Brendan), Chaunté de Bruyn, Natasha van Rensburg, Luzaan Marais, Nadia Olivier and Jané Bacher.

Brendan cooed and visited with the ladies in between, and eventually got a better impression of each of them. However, there were girls, like Sonel, who would have liked to spend more time with Brendan.

“I want the first kiss, I put a lot of effort into that kiss,” she admitted in her diary entry.

Brendan was worried about Nadia, and asked why she was so quiet. However, Nadia easily admitted that she is not someone who likes large groups, and that she would much rather have a personal conversation with him.

The next day held an interesting challenge for the women: they had to put together a boss pizza. Brendan had to taste each pizza, and choose his six favorites. Luzaan, Rachelle, Nadia, Jané, Katja and Sonel were finally the winners, and were invited to barbecue with Brendan that evening.

“I really want to get to know Rachel a little better. I feel there is so much she wants to ask me, she is cute,” Brendan expressed his excitement about Rachelle’s presence in particular. She was also the first one he chose to chat with for a few minutes alone.

“It must be a sign that he asked her first. Maybe he is more interested in her,” Katja said in her diary. However, Brendan asked her second to move away from the group with him.

The third and last woman who was able to spend time alone with Brendan was Jané.

He had a heart-to-heart with each of these women, and although they were glowing later that evening, the other three girls weren’t really happy. It was Sonel in particular who expressed her disappointment. According to Brendan, she made him “kissy eyes” all night long.

“I don’t know why I have this feeling that I would be one of those he would choose tonight. And then I wasn’t… it was disappointing,” Sonel admitted.

  • On my demand! is broadcast every Thursday evening at 20:00 on kykNET, DStv channel 144.