Bridges are burned in ‘The Bridge’


“Who will you sacrifice?”

This is the question with which the players of The Bridge had to wrestle tonight. This question, which was initially purely philosophical, became the nerve-wracking reality of two players at the end of the episode.

Are you burning or building a bridge?

The episode kicked off with a scouting session during which the players could pour their hearts out to each other. Alliances were exposed and cracks in trust relationships were revealed.

However, the person who shed the most tears after this game was Jamie. She was nominated by Geo, Rob and Tina among others as the person they would send home at this stage of the game.

“It made me look at certain people differently. I lost a little trust in certain people,” Jamie said after the session. She was not the only player who went to sleep with a grudge in her heart.

Jacques was confronted after it came to light that Jamie did not trust him, and would sacrifice him if given the chance. An emotional Iana confronted Tina after the challenge because she had compromised their relationship of trust. To the question: “Who do you trust the most?” Iana chose Tina, while Tina chose Geo. However, Iana felt that she had put her trust in the wrong person, and questioned her friendship with Tina.

Again, later in the episode, Tina realized that her trust in Geo might not be so steadfast, as he admitted that he trusts Rob more than any other player. Tina also realized that Geo was at the helm of their alliance, which consisted of Tina, Geo, Rob and Iana.

A lifeline

While players struggled to build more rafts, good news hit the log house: the players received video messages from their loved ones. However, there was a twist in the cable: only five players could watch their video messages, and they had to decide among themselves who these players would be.

In the end, the decision largely came down to who had older children, and Jamie, Tina, Rob, Jacques and William were chosen to watch the videos.

The tears flowed properly, not only among the players who could see their loved ones, but also among those who decided to stay around the fire instead. Geo had to excuse himself to get his longings and emotions back under control.

However, for those who could hear messages, it was like a breeze of fresh air that blew over them.

Two players, Melanie and Larry, struggled the most with who they would send home during the burn or build a bridge game. In the end, both of these players chose to sacrifice themselves rather than give one of their fellow contestants the go-ahead.

The game initially merely revealed secrets, but later in the episode had real consequences. A torch was shot, and the news was announced: someone is going home, and it is Melanie and Larry who have to decide who that contestant will be.

“Me and Melanie’s willingness to sacrifice ourselves came back to bite us,” Larry admitted with a heavy heart. Who this player is who has to go home will be revealed in the next episode.

  • The Bridge is broadcast Thursdays at 20:00 on kykNET, DStv channel 144.