Brink continues as Jhb city manager


The High Court in Johannesburg struck out an application from the DA, which declared that the city’s mayor and speaker were guilty of contempt of court.

Judge Motsamai Makume found that the application was not urgent and ordered the DA to pay the costs of the application.

The DA dragged the city to court on an urgent basis after Floyd Brink was re-appointed as city manager. This after the court had earlier ruled that his appointment was illegal.

Brink therefore remains the city manager.

“We take note of the court ruling and consider it a reminder to the DA and all agents of decline that the local unity government is focused on service delivery and prudent government,” says Kabela Gwamanda, Johannesburg mayor.

“Our interest has always been, and still is, to stabilize the city management and ensure fair service delivery to all residents.”

Gwamanda says the DA’s “continued attacks” on Brink are “loaded with racist intentions that are disguised as the defense of accountability” in the city.

“Over the last year, the DA has tried to undermine the administrative progress we have made to stabilize the city. Today the city has an unqualified audit opinion under the stewardship of Mr. Brink, with all institutions that received unqualified audit opinions.”

Gwamanda says this is the kind of progress the city government is striving for.

“We deliberately tried not to get involved in the racial model of service delivery that the DA advocates and which forms the basis for their continued attacks on the city manager.”

Gwamanda says the city must serve all its citizens and not just a “select few who happen to be white and privileged”.

The mayor also appealed to Brink not to be deterred and to continue doing his job.

“We expect complete commitment to the citizens and the city and absolute compliance and respect for the legislation that governs administrative powers at municipalities.”