‘BSV’ couple ‘adorable’ with their second offspring


The popular Farmer looking for a wifecouple Niel and Cheréze Bruwer are now officially a family of four after the birth of their second daughter, Joané.

The couple, who met each other in the 13th installment of this popular kykNET matchmaking program, made her appearance in Mediclinic Worcester on Monday morning at 10:00 a.m. and is now little sister to their 16-month-old daughter, Catrine.

Little Joané weighed a healthy 3.97kg at birth and is 59.5cm long.

“Yesterday we still didn’t quite know who she looked like, but today Cheréze looked at her little face and said: ‘That’s definitely a Bruwer baby’. Catrinetjie is mother’s child, but Joané already has her father’s height,” Niel tells RNews from the hospital with a laugh.

Mum and baby are currently happy and healthy and according to Niel, Cheréze is now enjoying the alone time with the family’s youngest bundle of joy.

He tells that new great sister Catrine was initially hesitant when she met her baby sister.

“We tried to teach her early on and tell her about the sister in mummy’s belly, but I think she only really realized that there was another person when she saw Joané’s little face. She immediately just wanted to hug her and occasionally carried everything in the hospital room to the bed to give to her baby sister.”

Niel says he and Cheréze decided together to try to expand their family when Catrine was six months old.

“We wanted them to be close to each other’s ages and didn’t know if we might have to wait a long time to get pregnant again; you hear about so many people who are struggling. We can only thank the Lord, because we are now rich.”

Niel, a fruit farmer from Prince Alfred Hamlet in the Western Cape, was at the time the most popular farmer in season 13 of Farmer looking for a wife. He proposed to Cheréze in July 2021 and the couple got married in January 2022 at the Kaleo guest farm in the Koue Bokkeveld.

The proud father has nothing but praise for his wife of almost two years.

“She still worked until late on Sunday evening, she gives her 100% for everything. It was incredible for me to see how beautiful she looked yesterday, just like that after the operation…” said a moved Niel.

“She barely had six months between her two pregnancies. Everything is strange the first time and just when she half started to find herself again, then everything started all over again and she handled it with so much compassion.”

Cheréze also shared an adorable photo of herself and little Joané on social media with the words: “Bliss, love, favor, grace”.

Congratulations to the family from celebrities such as internet personality Lisa van Niekerk (aka “Lisa with the red hair”) and BSV presenter Marciel Hopkins have already poured in.

“Another little girl for Niel and Cheréze! Many, many congratulations on Joané’s birth, I can’t wait to meet her. She is going to be such a nice sister to dear Catrine,” Marciel wrote on Facebook.

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