Bubbles, high notes and ‘green explosion’ in ‘Real Housewives’


Thursday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of the Winelands ended with some sparkling bubbles, a “green explosion” and a high musical note.

Amy Kleinhans-Curd, former Miss South Africa; along with Mariska Thorpe, a former wealth manager and fitness model; Anita Lloyd, wife of KWV’s Boyce Lloyd; Candice Bester, a businesswoman and former singer; Michelle van Zyl, an aesthetics doctor and Karen Schwedtke, a businesswoman, have given viewers a glimpse into their lives in the glamorous Cape winelands over the past 12 weeks.

In the latest episode, the last one before the housewives’ reunion episodes, the spotlight fell on everyone during Amy, Candice and Mariska’s joint pilot function at the luxurious Belair Pavilion wedding venue in Paarl.

Here, Amy’s sparkling wine, the Amelia Brut Rosé Classique, a new range from Mariska’s second-hand clothing store, SELLfie, and Candice’s first recorded song were introduced to a select audience of VIP guests.

During the event, the housewives also modeled their bodies for Mariska’s fashion show, whose green evening dress was described by Anita as a “green explosion”.

In the second episode, she also jokingly referred to one of Mariska’s other outfits as a “pink explosion”.

“What was beautiful to me was that every lovely woman was told that she looked beautiful. Everyone had their moment and no one was criticized,” said Michelle, who earlier admitted that she felt lost in the women’s company at times, about the fashion show.

Even Anita, who was initially hesitant, summoned her inner model on the catwalk – so much so that she almost slipped.

Although the fashion show was a success, there was chaos in the back of the dressing rooms. “There were no spaces, it was shoulder to shoulder and butt to butt. I’ve seen more of Amy than I’ve ever seen before,” Karen joked.

Candice closed the night by singing the song she recorded with musician Loki Rothman to the audience.

She did in the first episode of Real Housewives shared that she had six miscarriages before her daughter, Emma, ​​was born and therefore wanted to write this song about her pregnancy challenges and loss.

For Candice, the performance was apparently also a turning point in her healing journey.

“It was the first time I could talk about it without crying. I just gave my emotions to the world and there is a lot of healing in that. It was an overwhelming feeling.”

Anita, who does not have children, spoke candidly for the first time about her and her husband’s parenting journey with Candice’s performance.

“We really tried (to have children). There were a few times when we were successful and then it just didn’t work out. Then Boyce and I decided that the path we thought we were going to follow was not planned for us by a Higher Hand. It’s a different path and I thank Boyce every day for walking this path with me.”

The women also looked back on their time together on the box, but admitted that not all their memories together were good.

“It actually makes me sad, because I’m going to miss them,” said a tearful Karen.

“I don’t care what they said about me or that they talked badly to me. I forgive them completely, but I will never forget it either, because I have a brain the size of a library and I files and files all in it.”

Amy also teasingly admitted that the housewives’ time together was a unique experience.

“After these few months together, none of us will ever be the same again.”

  • The Real Housewives of the Winelands can be seen on Thursdays at 20:00 on kykNET (DStv channel 144) and is available on DStv Catch Up.