Burglar spills R51 million worth of wine in Spain


Almost 60 000 liters of premium red wine worth around €2.5 million (more than R51 million) was lost at a winery in Spain. Someone broke in over the weekend and opened the barrels, the cellar said Tuesday.

Footage released by the award-winning Cepa 21 winery in the Ribera del Duero region of central Spain shows a hooded person running from one large barrel to another and turning on the taps. The wine pours from the barrels.

The incident took place on Sunday morning around 03:30, according to the cellar. The amount of high-quality wine that was lost could fill about 80,000 bottles.

Jose Moro, head of Cepa 21, told the Spanish public broadcaster TVE that it was clear that the burglar’s aim was to harm the company. No other items were stolen during the burglary.

“It is a case of harm to be done by someone who is probably not very balanced, does not have any common sense and is acting out of hatred,” he told the station.

According to Moro, the burglar would have to know how to operate the system to open the barrels. “Everything indicates that the person knew exactly where it was.”

The cellar lodged a complaint with the police and the police confirmed to AFP that an investigation had been launched.