Cadre deployment thrived in bankrupt Matlosana


The ANC-controlled Matlosana local municipality (Hartbeesfontein, Klerksdorp, Orkney, Stilfontein) continues with the appointment of 29 staff members in the offices of the mayor, speaker and chief whip.

The speaker of the council, Stella Mandlane, informed council members about this yesterday.

These appointments to newly created positions include deputy directors, assistant directors, public relations officers, administrative staff and four personal bodyguards for the mayor, James Tsolela.

The FF Plus constantly argued against the proposed appointments.

“No justification for the creation of the mostly vaguely defined posts was given. The appointment of such a contingent of personal bodyguards for Tsolela is also strange,” says Joshua Griffin, FF Plus councilor in the municipality.

Mandlane further stated that an application will be made for a further postponement for the permanent appointment of directors in the municipality, despite the fact that the legally prescribed period for filling these critical posts has already passed.

From the outset, the FF Plus made a strong statement against these apparently political appointments. The party insisted that filling the vacant directorships in the municipality takes priority.

“It is a shame that service delivery is apparently not a priority for these ANC leaders. This state of affairs also highlights once again the fact that the ANC does not hesitate to misuse municipal funds in this already bankrupt municipality for blatant cadre deployment to serve the party’s interests.”

Griffin adds that it is important that the voters in Matlosana take note of these ANC abuses, and help ensure with their votes in the upcoming election that the ANC in the North West is replaced with an ethical coalition government of which the FF Plus is a part.