Cape Town port worst in world ranking


An urgent meeting was requested with the national government and stakeholders to accelerate participation from the private sector in the Cape Port after this port was named the weakest on a list of 405 container ports.

According to the World Bank and S&P Global’s latest international performance index for container ports (CPPI), Cape Town, Durban, Ngqura and Port Elizabeth’s ports are part of the bottom 16 ports on the index.

James Vos, mayoral committee member for economic growth in the Cape Town Metro, said the Port of Cape Town’s ranking highlighted the urgent need for significant reforms and immediate action.

“The City of Cape Town has consistently advocated for the inclusion of private sector investment and participation in port management and logistics. The inefficiencies at our port not only impede the flow of goods, but also significantly hamper our economic growth. The port is a crucial link for the products and services of the private sector, and its performance has a direct impact on our economy.”

According to Vos, everything possible is done with strategic business partners in various sectors to help companies improve their productivity and improve access to markets. “Despite these efforts, however, we face significant challenges as goods struggle to get through the port. We are constantly working on ways to increase supply and demand that benefit our economy, only to see these efforts hampered by the port’s inefficiencies.”

According to Vos, the integration of expertise and resources from the private sector is not only a possible solution, but a necessary step. “Private sector involvement can bring fresh perspectives, innovative solutions and more efficient business practices. According to research by the Western Cape Department of Economic Development and Tourism, private sector participation at the port could generate an additional R6 billion in exports, the creation of approximately 20 000 direct and indirect jobs and more than R1.6 billion in investment income over bring five years.”

Vos emphasized that the port is an integral part of the Cape Town Metro’s economic growth mission.