Catherine raves about archery and biology


In between archery, piano and guitar playing, Catherine Kies from Hoër Meisieskool Bloemhof in Stellenbosch had time to reap eight distinctions in her matric year.

“Archery was one of the best ways to relax last year,” says Catherine. “You forget about everything and focus on what needs to happen now.”

She also loves music and when she is not making music herself, she likes to listen to it. She got her Gr. 5 piano exam completed by Unisa during her record exam. “I remember I was very shaky, because it was exactly the day before I wrote science.” She also likes to read and even tried to finish reading one book a month, even though it was sometimes difficult.

Catherine can’t get enough of her school years. “The teachers were wonderful. They even answered questions after hours and were very helpful.”

This year, Catherine wants to study mechatronic engineering at Stellenbosch University, to later specialize in biomedical engineering. “I would like to work in the biomedical field. I have a love for biology and would like to combine it with engineering.”

About her results, Catherine says: “I feel like I’ve been working for this moment for the last five years! All the hard work was worth it.”