Child shoots father to protect family


A preliminary investigation into an incident in which an American boy shot and killed his father indicates that the child acted out of necessity.

Authorities say the minor’s actions probably saved his own life as well as that of his mother and sister. The child’s name and age are not known.

Fox News reports that the tragic incident took place on January 7 in Lower Mahanoy Township in Pennsylvania.

According to a police report, violence broke out when the deceased, Tracey Adams (47), got involved in a verbal and physical argument with his wife and their young daughter.

The woman and child fled and took refuge at the home of Adams’ stepdaughter, Brandi Hauck (31). Adams’ son was already at this house.

An armed Adams chased the woman and girl and shot Hauck dead through her front door when she refused to let him (Adams) into the house.

Adams entered the house and reportedly loudly announced that he was going to shoot everyone in the house. His wife and two young children were in the house at that stage.

According to authorities, the boy obtained a firearm that was in this house and intervened in front of his mother and sister to protect them from Adams.

He allegedly opened fire when Adams charged at them. Adams was pronounced dead at the scene.

No criminal charges have been filed against the child, as a preliminary investigation indicates that the child acted in self-defence.