Children die after eating turtle meat


Eight children and one adult have died after eating sea turtle meat on Pemba Island, part of the Zanzibar island group. The deaths were recorded last week.

According to authorities, a further 78 people were admitted to a hospital.

Dr. Mkoani District Medical Officer Haji Bakari said the adult who died was the mother of one of the children who died.

The first incident was reported to the authorities last Tuesday.

The meat is considered a delicacy in Zanzibar. However, it contains a toxic substance that can cause death from time to time.

Tests carried out in a medical laboratory after the deaths indicated that the meat was the cause of the victims’ deaths.

Authorities in Zanzibar sent a disaster management team to the region to warn people against consuming these reptiles.

It is unclear which species of sea turtle caused the deaths.

In November 2021, seven people, including a three-year-old child, also died on Pemba after eating turtle meat, while three others were hospitalized.

Sources: Sky News and New York Post.