Christia dives into ‘Deep waters’ con artist’s chameleon shoes


She is no stranger to leading roles, that of a love interest or even being the villain of a story, but for Christia Visser the most fun type of shoes to step into are those of a real chameleon character.

That’s exactly how fans of the kykNET telenovela Deep waters going to see her now – as the con artist Candy who, together with her husband, Bert, puts a vulnerable and heartbroken Rossouw in an extremely dangerous situation.

Because of her difficult growing up, Candy learned from an early age what an advantage good looks can have, especially when it comes to leading men into traps, but according to Christia there is still a lot of depth to be seen in this character.

“For me, the decision to play Candy was actually a very easy one. She is diverse and plays many different roles within herself. She is a terribly intelligent woman, life just hasn’t always been kind to her,” Christia tells RNews.

“It’s a nice challenge with such a character, because you never really know who the real Candy is. The way she dresses is also different every time. As an actor, one has to try to find out where she lies in the middle of it all – it’s terribly exciting.”

According to Christia, the interesting character change that Candy regularly undergoes, which is helped with different wigs and other disguises, is something that has not been seen much in Afrikaans on the small box before.

“We might see it if there are twins or something like that in a story, but we haven’t really played with that type of intelligent, complex criminal side of such characters.”

Although the unpredictable Candy party Deep waters– will leave viewers hot under the collar, Christia says that she empathizes with women like her.

“Life is rough and everyone is trying to find his or her feet. One has to work with the cards that are dealt to you in life and although I believe there is a way out for every problem, not all of us can or will not always see the solutions.

“I think she feels that life has knocked her down so many times, now she is hitting back a little.”

Arno Marais, who was previously opposite Christia The Book Club played, now plays the role of Candy’s equally scheming husband, Bert.

“Arno and I have only just started filming Deep waters realize that we Book club-characters never talked directly to each other, so it was so fun for us to finally be on screen connect,” she jokes.

“It’s just a pleasure to work with him, because he’s such a genuine person and is terribly passionate about his work.”

The Deep waters– according to Christia, the production team and cast also made sure during filming that she was not thrown in at the deep end.

“It’s been a while since I was last on set because I had my baby and took some time off. I felt very strange on my first day, because you struggle to get back into a rhythm when you haven’t been on a set for a long time, but everyone made me feel so at home and really embraced me,” she says.

“The actors are also listened to very carefully on this set. Some productions expect you to just shut up and do your job, but that was not the case here. It’s incredible, especially when you realize how quickly a telenovela has to be worked on.”

In the past four years, she has also thoroughly proven that she is equally at home behind a microphone as a camera and has launched an album and a string of hit singles such as “17 Shots” and more recently “Chocolate cigarettes”.

According to Christia, last year’s Krone Concert at Loftus Versfeld, where she shared the stage with some of the country’s leading African artists in front of a crowd of nearly 30,000, was a highlight of her musical career.

“You know, as a little girl you don’t dream about the school hall when you stand in front of the mirror and sing. You dream about big crowds and stadiums. To finally walk out on such a big stage is just incredible, I can’t describe it to people.”

Although she can’t say much about her new music, she assures fans that she is currently “hard at work” on the next exciting single.

The dark-haired actress also reveals that she recently discovered a new unexpected hobby – namely playing live online computer games.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, she slides in front of her computer to tackle games like Fortnite, something she confesses she never thought she would do. On Tuesdays, she even gives a lucky fan the opportunity to join her online and play.

“My husband has always been a gamer and we’ve been playing together for a while now, so I thought it might be a nice way to interact with my fans in a different way. I can’t stand in front of a mirror and make those beauty videos for social media, besides, these are so much more fun for me.”

There are even plans in the pipeline to join forces with others gamers to cord for cooperation projects.

“I know people think it’s a waste of time, but it’s something my husband and I enjoy together. One escapes a little, it’s something creative and helps you with decision-making. What is it different than sitting in front of the television in the evening and doing something binge?”

Her 18-month-old daughter, Kida, is also doing well.

“She is an incredible child. She’s very smart and very busy. She is like her parents; struggles to sit still and lacks a lot of stimulation,” she adds with a laugh.

  • Deep waters can be seen Mondays to Thursdays at 18:30 on kykNET, DStv channel 144. It is also available on DStv Catch Up.