Christmas behind bars for Klerksdorp couple who allegedly abused


A mother (21) and father (38) from Klerksdorp in North West, who are accused of child abuse and rape, will spend Christmas behind bars.

The parents’ bail application was heard in the magistrate’s court in Klerksdorp on Tuesday and rejected.

Both argued that it would be in the interest of law and justice to be released on bail and indicated that they could afford R1 000 for bail.

The court refused their application due to the serious nature of neglect in which their three children were found.

Henry Mamothame, spokesperson for the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) in the North West, says the parents will appear in court again next year. “The case has been postponed for further investigation.”

Unchain Our Children, the charity that helped save the three siblings, welcomed the court’s decision. Volunteers from the organization heard about the children’s alleged circumstances and called the authorities.

The children, two sisters aged nine months and three years respectively, and their two-year-old brother, were placed in a place of safety. The house, in the Dawkinsville residential area, was reportedly dirty and dilapidated with little food for the children. They were allegedly unkempt and covered in their own excrement.

The complaint is also being investigated as to whether the two sisters may have been raped.