‘Close Western Cape’s borders’


The Referendum Party demands that the Western Cape close its border with South Africa “so that the large-scale illegal land occupation that has plagued the province for years can come to an end”.

The single-issue party for citizens of the Western Cape, which supports Cape independence, says the current situation in the province is not sustainable. According to the latest census results, 30% of the Western Cape population was not born in the province and the rate of immigration there is constantly accelerating.

“Illegal land occupations exact a high toll on the communities affected by them. People must be able to come to the Cape, but they must do so legally,” says Phil Craig, leader of the Referendum Party.

“This is a burning issue in the Western Cape that infuriates the people of the province. It has a massive effect on the environment, encroaches on heritage land, steals resources from legal residents and as if all that wasn’t bad enough, government policy often favors those who are here illegally over the legal residents when it comes to employment opportunities.”

According to Craig, a referendum on Cape independence will give a democratic mandate to close the border of the province.

“The Western Cape must then close the border and implement strict immigration protocols that are non-racial and in line with international norms. Regardless of race, all people should be welcome to come to the Western Cape. However, they must do so legally and in a way that improves the quality of life of existing residents of the Western Cape rather than harming them.”