Clover maybe in the soup over peanut butter


The national consumer commission is investigating the possibility that Clover may have breached the Consumer Protection Act by allegedly not complying with required protocol and regulations.

The investigation is related to the recall of 10,776 units of this dairy company’s Go Nuts peanut butter due to increased levels of aflatoxin. Clover informed the consumer commission of the decision on Wednesday. The recall affects its 400g containers of Go Nuts peanut butter.

Clover is one of several manufacturers of peanut butter, peanut butter-based products and products with peanuts that were requested to test their products for elevated levels of aflatoxin, and then had to hastily remove them from store shelves because these products contained higher than regulated levels of aflatoxin.

The products also include chocolate, sweets, cookies, ice cream and peanut butter spreads.

Woolworths, Pick ‘Pay, Dischem, Wazoogles and Eat Naked already withdrew several products from the market last month.

Thezi Mabuza, acting commissioner of the consumer commission, describes the commission’s call to manufacturers, suppliers and distributors to immediately test their products for levels of aflatoxin as “disheartening”.

“The test results received by the commission indicate that suppliers did not comply with their instructions and regulations. We expect suppliers, specifically stores, to immediately recall any brands that do not comply with the prescribed protocol and regulations,” said Mabuza.

“This is to ensure that we protect South African consumers from further health hazards. The commission will take decisive steps to investigate and follow up on this challenge. We hope that suppliers will cooperate.”

Mabuza says that in terms of section 60 of the Consumer Protection Act – read together with the commission’s product recall guidelines – a supplier or manufacturer must immediately recall a product when it comes to light that safety is in any way compromised. In addition to revocation, regulatory bodies must be immediately notified of the problem and revocation.

“Upon receiving Clover’s notice, the commission assessed the revocation and found certain inconsistencies with the law.”

Consumers who are in possession of Clover Go Nuts Peanut Butter’s 400 g products are meanwhile requested to take this product back after purchase and get their money back. Affected products have expiry dates of 12, 18 and 19 June 2025, as well as 19 July 2025.