‘Coalition talks must take family farmers into account’


The election result and coalition talks that are currently underway leave South Africans with uncertainty, but also with hope about what the outcome of these talks will be. Saai as this network for family farmers in South Africa hopes that political parties will also take the needs of family farmers to heart during their coalition talks.

“We represent a variety of family farmers: large and small; rich and poor; black and white; well established and new. Our members have diverse political, religious and cultural beliefs, but all our members make a living from the land,” says Dr Theo de Jager, executive chairman of Saai’s board. “In a highly competitive trading environment, our family farmers need safety, stability and investor certainty to survive. That is why a resounding majority of our members support a multi-party government.”

According to Saai, a multi-party government cannot be just an agreement between politicians. Sow moon parties to involve civil institutions such as organized agriculture, the business sector, churches and community organizations in the national dialogue so that the voice of the countryside can also be heard in these discussions.

SAKKN advocates political stability, policy certainty

The South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SAKKN) says given the lack of a complete majority party to lead South Africa, they call on political parties to put the interests of the people of South Africa first.

“A Coalition must be formed that can take South Africa forward,” says Alan Mukoki, CEO of the SAKKN. “Very first on the priority list must be the alleviation of the high levels of unemployment, to build a meritocracy and ensure sustainable and inclusive economic growth. Corruption must also be eradicated in the state and the private sector.”

Mukoki says political stability and policy certainty are the fundamental features that will fuel business and investor confidence.

“Political parties have the opportunity to unite South Africa for the development of the republic and the continent. There are a number of successful developed countries that are run by coalition governments. We can learn a lot from them in terms of managing instability problems, which characterize coalitions.”

Mukoki says the SAKKN is looking forward to working with the new coalition government.