Coetzé through to another final round


Pieter Coetzé qualified for the finals of the 200 m backstroke event at the World Championships in Doha when he finished fifth in the semi-final with a time of 1:57.07.

According to the young Pretorian, he approached things a little differently than before.

“I started a little faster than usual and I definitely paid the price for it in the darts. Still, I learn something new every time I swim a 200 m,” said Coetzé.

It is still relatively early in the year – after all, the big prize only awaits in July at the Olympic Games in Paris – and according to the swimmer, the time is now ripe to test out some different strategies in the pool.

“I’m glad that I was able to try something new to find out what works for me or doesn’t work. Yes, I’m grateful to be back in the finals; after all, that was the main goal. However, I am not satisfied with how I felt and hopefully I can get enough rest.”

Earlier in the week, Coetzé finished fifth in the finals of the 100 m backstroke after he swam one of the top times in the semi-final.

He then swam into the ropes a few times after the 50 m U-turn and this definitely had an influence on his usual strong finishing effort.

“There really isn’t much to say – I wasn’t exactly more on my nerves than before other runs. It was a novelty for me to hit the ropes and I am disappointed with the result of the session,” said the Pretorian after the finals.

Then Erin Gallagher finished sixth in the semi-final of the 100 m freestyle event with her time of 54.53 seconds.

However, she is back in action today in the 50m butterfly heats.

“I am very excited. This is the item I’ve been waiting for all week. I love the 50m butterfly – you kind of just dive in and let it roll,” said Gallagher.