Communities mourn after boys drown in Free State, Northern Cape


The community of Bultfontein in the Free State and Steinkopf in the Northern Cape was plunged into mourning after three children drowned in separate incidents over the weekend.

In Bultfontein, nine-year-old Stephan Truter drowned in the swimming pool at a friend’s house on Friday.

Capt. Stephen Thakeng, police spokesman in the Free State, confirmed that Truter drowned in a swimming pool at home on Winburg.

He and his friend apparently inexplicably ended up under the tarpaulin, which was over the pool. Stephan was pronounced dead on the way to the hospital and the partner is still being treated in a local hospital as far as is known.

According to Thakeng, the police will conduct an inquest.

Bultfontein High School expressed its condolences to Stephan’s loved ones on its Facebook page.

“There are no words that can describe our Bultie family’s feeling of sadness and loss. Our hearts are broken!

“You are, were and will always be loved, Stephan.”

Stephan’s family could not immediately be reached for comment.

In Steinkopf in the Northern Cape, two seven-year-old boys also drowned this weekend, in this case in a sewage dam.

Here, too, the police instituted an inquest after the bodies of the boys РEldr̩ Fortuin and Dylan Britz Рwere found in the pond.

Lt. Col. Sergio Kock, police spokesperson, says the two boys were last seen alive on Saturday shortly after they left their respective homes. The children’s parents reported them missing later that evening and in the police’s subsequent search, the boys’ clothes were discovered next to the pond.

Their bodies were recovered on Sunday morning after the Nama Khoi Municipality pumped some of the sewage from the dam.

Jason Milford, municipal spokesperson, says the municipality is deeply shocked by the incident.

Dr. Gustav Bock, mayor of the Nama Khoi municipality, visited the two boys’ families on Sunday. According to him, the two boys were bosom friends.