Concern reigns over attacks on garbage trucks in Mother City


Several Cape Town neighborhoods are left without garbage removal services after the Cape Town Metro was forced to withdraw its staff from Gugulethu due to threatened attacks on the city’s workers.

Armed men followed workers of the garbage disposal department in Gugulethu on Monday. The criminals insisted that the metro pay “protection money” so that its staff would not be attacked.

This is not the first time something like this has happened and according to Grant Twigg, mayoral committee member for waste management, it is happening more and more often in certain parts of the city.

“This growing trend has forced the metro to temporarily withdraw its garbage removal services from the area as a precautionary measure,” he says.

“We also appeal to the police to investigate the trend and take action. Criminals cannot be allowed to hijack service delivery in this way.”

According to Twigg, similar attacks have recently been reported in Philippi East, Lower Crossroads and Nyanga.

“Garbage removal services have also been temporarily suspended in Manenberg due to a flare-up of gang violence in the area,” he says.

Meanwhile, the metro has provided counseling to the staff who were targeted by the gunmen on Monday.

“The metro’s waste management department is investigating various ways to restore services as soon as possible, including working with the directorate of safety,” he says.

“All garbage that accumulates during this time will be removed as soon as the areas are safe to enter again.”