Consistency is Jos’ weapon


For Jos KotzĂ© from Helpmekaar College in Johannesburg, the exam was “a bit on the more difficult side”, but he still managed to achieve nine distinctions. He also scored 100% for maths, one of his favorite subjects.

Jos won his school’s book prize for information technology, physical sciences and accounting last year. For all these subjects he achieved an average of in the 90% range throughout the year.

“For me it wasn’t work to excel in these subjects because I enjoyed them so much.” He says that the problem-solving aspect of information technology in particular attracted him to this subject. That is why he decided to study actuarial and financial mathematics at the University of Pretoria.

He also participated in sports at high school and plays the guitar, but only as a hobby.

Jos is convinced that the hard work he put in throughout his school career has now paid off. “It’s very important to be consistent and continuously put in the same amount of hard work.”

This is also his advice to prospective matriculants, to keep working hard, even if you excel academically. “You have to keep practicing and refining the knowledge you gain.”