Couple who die in plane crash were ‘always together’


“Dear Casper and Estelle. It is Grandpa Hekkie who came to tell me that he has bad news to share with me… not for a moment was a thought linked to you when I heard these words… in between the sadness I think of the privilege you have been given to be together at Home to be able to go.”

Suzette Oosthuizen, longtime friend of the couple who died in a plane crash near Carletonville in Gauteng on Friday morning, says this is how she will remember Casper and Estelle Botha: “together, one never without the other”.

RNews reported earlier that the plane the couple was in and a spraying plane crashed into each other. Hennie Viviers from Kroonstad in the Free State was the pilot of the other plane and was also killed in the accident.

The Botha couple were well-known residents of Potchefstroom and leave behind their three sons, Jacques, Philip and Rynard.

Oosthuizen says the entire community and everyone who knew Casper and Estelle was plunged into mourning.

“In 1997 we were in the NG Gemeente Welverdiend, a rural farming community congregation, we were church friends who later became close friends.

“Our group of friends dreamed together, laughed together and cried together.

“I remember them being ‘together’, one never without the other. Their relationship was always so beautiful for us, such a beautiful example for others.

“Estelle, the beautiful woman surrounded with gentleness and sincerity. Being her mother, being beautiful and always being present with her husband and sons I cherish in my heart. She was truly the pearl of Proverbs,” says Oosthuizen.

Casper was a well-known farmer from Potchefstroom and in 2004 was named North-West’s Young Farmer of the Year. He matriculated at HoĆ«rskool Gimnasium in 1987 and was also one of Gimmies’ governing body chairmen.

“Casper’s loud laugh and love to talk, his wisdom, leadership and leading, big dreams and even bigger plans, excellence as a farmer and as a person, outspoken and lived out of his love for the Lord, is a picture that stays with me. He touched so many lives and made them better,” says Oosthuizen.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t say goodbye, I would have loved to have a last coffee with them for the last time.

“However, I am grateful for their legacy in their children. They were outstanding parents to Jacques, Philip and Rynard. The Lord himself will further take care.

“Thank you for only the most beautiful memories with you.

“We’ll see each other again…”