Court rules V&A’s fireworks show can go ahead


The customary New Year’s fireworks display at the V&A Waterfront will continue after the High Court in Cape Town dismissed an application to stop the display.

The Cape of Good Hope Animal Protection Society (SPCA) brought the application for an urgent interdict. The organization expressed its disappointment at the court’s decision.

“As a result, the expected fireworks display will continue, posing a significant threat to local wildlife, including threatened and protected species that inhabit the V&A Waterfront area.

“Of particular concern are the endangered and protected species whose habitats are affected by the fireworks display. The potential impact on these animals raises ethical and conservation-related questions, highlighting the need for responsible event planning and consideration of the natural environment.”

The Cape of Good Hope SPCA has made an urgent appeal to the public to take proactive measures to protect their animals at home.

The fireworks display was initially not to go ahead as the necessary permits were withdrawn after they were originally successfully obtained. However, according to the V&A Waterfront, he managed to retain his permits after an appeal process.

However, there was still a chance that a court could thwart the V&A’s plans.

According to the V&A Waterfront, the fireworks display will take place at midnight and last just five minutes.