Criminal complaint against EFF after Tshwane cabal


The DA filed a criminal complaint on Friday against the EFF members who disrupted a council meeting in Tshwane House in Pretoria on Thursday and assaulted council members.

Video evidence of the incident was submitted to the police, showing DA councilors being punched, kicked and punched by members dressed in EFF shirts, as well as throwing objects. The EFF caucus leader, Obakeng Ramabodu, was in the foreground.

During the cabal, DA councilor Shane Mase’s shirt was torn from his body.

RNews reported on Thursday that council members, including mayor Cilliers Brink, were threatened and some were even physically assaulted.

EFF members held placards in the air and demanded that striking municipal workers who had been fired be rehired.

“This unacceptable display of vulgarity from the EFF shows that they clearly have no regard for our democratic institutions,” says Kwena Moloto, spokesperson for the DA caucus in Tshwane.

“We condemn the violent behavior that EFF board members showed yesterday. We have previously said that the EFF’s call for the reinstatement of the 122 workers who were fired during this illegal strike is an endorsement of violence. We now know that violence is the core of the EFF.”

On August 25, the DA caucus submitted requests to the speaker to hold the council meeting online due to concerns that councilors would be unsafe based on statements made by the EFF.

The DA also questioned the speaker’s competence and impartiality. He promised that he would protect the council members, but on the contrary left the council chamber under protective escort when violence broke out.

“The DA has continuously submitted motions of no confidence against the speaker. To date, however, the speaker has rejected every motion brought against him in a clear case of conflict of interest. However, the coalition took this case to court. The day’s events further raise doubts about the speaker’s competence and ability to maintain the integrity of the council’s proceedings.”

Brink highlighted yesterday that in terms of the city’s new code of conduct for council members, the EFF’s actions are a criminal offence. The DA therefore decided to file the complaint.

“However, the DA remains determined and unwavering. We will continue to fight against those criminal elements and self-interest in our city and in our council. We remain committed to restoring service delivery and the rule of law in Tshwane.”