DA kicks off campaign to ‘save’ KZN


“South Africans have become accustomed to getting by without the things that are taken for granted in other democracies.

“We are used to living without a government that cares for us or values ​​the taxes we pay. We are used to getting by without essential services, reliable public transport or safe roads.

“We are used to seeing things get by without a police service to keep us safe.

“We have become accustomed to living without jobs, good schools and working hospitals.”

With these words, DA leader John Steenhuisen kicked off the party’s election campaign in KwaZulu-Natal in Durban and promised residents that for “every one of these things that destroyed the ANC, the DA has a plan” to restore them.

Steenhuisen says those who can afford it will live in closed estates, pay for private security and private medical care, install solar power and send their children for private education.

However, most South Africans cannot afford this and have to devise other plans to get by. They start stokvels, community policing forums and neighborhood watches.

South Africans “make a plan”, says Steenhuisen.

He told voters, however, that the ANC exploits South Africans’ resilience for the ruling party’s own political gain and actually laughs at South Africans who only see their own end when the government’s plans fail.

However, Steenhuisen says one of the issues that South Africans cannot get past on their own is the delivery of reliable, clean water and that the ANC is taking away people’s access to this precious resource.

“Here in eThekwini, the ANC water crisis is not theoretical,” he warned, saying the city is already on “phase 16 water supply”.

Many other areas have been dealing with water problems for months and some towns’ pipes have been dry for years.

“None of us can live without water. If you want a new government that can get your taps flowing again, remove the rubbish from your sewage system, waterways and beaches and that can save you from thirst, you must vote for the DA,” said Steenhuisen.

He says that for the first time ever the DA can govern in KwaZulu-Natal and that the party, together with its partners in the IVP and the Multiparty Charter, is in a favorable position to bring about the ANC’s collapse in the province and a new form a government to “save” KwaZulu-Natal.