DA launches election manifesto: ‘We are ready!’


Tens of thousands of DA supporters gathered early Saturday morning at Kerkplein in Pretoria, where the DA launched its official election manifesto.

Madiba Street in Pretoria will be decked out in blue when the march to the Union Building begins at 10:00.

The DA’s federal chairman, dr. Ivan Meyer, says it will symbolize the unity and strength of the movement.

“The march to the Union Building has symbolic importance, indicating our determination to usher in a new era of governance.

“This is not simply a political gathering; it is a historic moment, a call for change, and a declaration of intent to save South Africa.”

He says the DA’s election manifesto exceeds mere promises.

“This is a carefully researched, data-driven plan that tackles the current crises facing our nation.

“From tackling wasteful spending to dealing with the electricity crisis, investing in education and promoting economic growth, our manifesto outlines practical solutions,” says Meyer.

“The DA is ready to lead and prioritize the welfare of the people.”