DA spits fire after ANC members Potch apparently looses like a pigpen


The DA is spitting fire after it is believed that “it rained down on Potchefstroom and parts of the town were strewn with rubbish” last weekend after the ANC presented its manifesto revision event there on Saturday.

“Just as the ANC leaves a trail of destruction in people’s lives, so ANC cadres have also undermined general decency and littered parts of the town,” says Chris Hattingh, the DA’s head of constituency in the JB Marks municipality.

“ANC bigwigs rushed into Potchefstroom with their infamous blue light brigades; they drove like crazy and disregarded all traffic rules.”

The ANC apparently distributed sanitary products – for which taxpayers pay – to several primary schools in Ikageng. They also reportedly delivered eggs and vegetables to numerous centres, planted vegetables at a nursery school, provided large wheelie bins to communities, handed over three houses in Ventersdorp, and distributed cricket and football equipment as well as books and toys.

“There was even a ceremony at a pothole being filled by an MEC.

“The ANC, in its desperation to stay in government, played Santa Claus in an attempt to buy votes for next year’s election,” says Hattingh.

“ANC cadres were attracted to Olienpark on Saturday by posters of a smiling (Pres. Cyril) Ramaphosa nailed to historical oak trees, a national heritage, and were also promised food and drink.”

According to Hattingh, some ANC members were apparently drunk in the streets during the party.

“Drunk drivers have exacerbated the safety risk caused by the blue light brigades.

“Police and traffic officers were nowhere to be seen, although they were present in numbers to protect ANC VIPs,” says Hattingh.

“They left the Olienpark stadium and surroundings littered with rubbish.”