David Rees dismissed


The 7th Avenue– actor, David Rees, was discharged after almost a month in the Milpark Hospital in Johannesburg on Saturday 26 August.

Rees (55) had a heart attack on Sunday 30 July and shortly afterwards had to undergo a double heart bypass.

He attributes his speedy recovery to the support of his friends, family, colleagues and supporters.

“I cried as my sister played all the voicemails for me while I was in the intensive care unit. It helped fight the biggest battle of my life,” David said.

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

The actor, who gained fame at the time as the naughty boy Nick Naudé in the soap opera Egoli – Place of golddoes not belong to a medical fund.

The hospital met the family with a bill, but it is a massive amount which unfortunately is just not achievable without help, says Corlia Strauss, Rees’ publicity manager.

A Back a Buddy fund has since been established for Rees, which has already collected almost R88 000.

“No donation is too small or too big, every gesture of kindness means the world. In these challenging times, the power of community cannot be overemphasized. With unity, we can truly perform miracles and touch lives,” says Strauss.

“We appreciate the patience, love and understanding at this time. I really appreciate the love and support,” said Rees.

To contribute to David Reeds’ fund, follow the Back a Buddy link or send an email to corlia@socialinabox.co.za.