David Teeger saga now ‘international scandal’


The David Teeger saga is now being condemned as far away as Australia.

An Australian politician and senator in New South Wales wrote to the chairman of Cricket Australia this week to get more clarity on the matter in the run-up to the upcoming Cricket World Cup for o. 19 teams.

In this letter, which RNews saw on Wednesday, Senator Dave Sharma wants to know from Mike Baird of Cricket Australia whether the country’s players will be safe in South Africa during the tournament and whether Cricket South Africa has addressed its concerns about players’ security to the Australians.

The senator also wants to know if it is only Jewish players who may be in danger when the Cricket World Cup tournament for o. 19’s kick off on Friday in Potchefstroom.

“If South Africa did not provide such information to Cricket Australia and did not warn us about security issues, it would appear as if Cricket South Africa’s decision to relieve Teeger of his captaincy was the result of political pressure and interference.”

Sharma says it also appears that the decision is based solely on the fact that Teeger is Jewish and has previously publicly expressed his support for Israel.

“I would expect that such political interference in the administration of the game and on racial and religious grounds would rightly attract criticism from cricket authorities, including Cricket Australia.”

Sharma further insists that the safety of all members of the Australian team, regardless of their religious beliefs, is ensured.

RNews earlier reported that Teeger (19) was in the days before the Cricket World Cup for o. 19’s replaced as captain of the South African team by Western Province’s Juan James “due to security concerns”.

This after Teeger indicated that the young Israeli soldiers are the real stars in October last year, when he was named a rising star of Absa’s prizes for Jewish excellence, referring to the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

DA threatens with HRC

The DA has meanwhile sent a letter of its own to Cricket South Africa in which the body is requested to appoint Teeger as captain again.

“Should Cricket South Africa refuse to re-appoint Teeger as captain before the end of the working day on January 19 (Friday), the DA will file an official complaint with the South African Human Rights Commission,” warns Veronica van Dyk, DA- LP.

“Widely distributed media reports show that Cricket South Africa’s decision was nothing more than a fabrication to try to justify the political pressure of the ANC government. This attempt to mislead the South African public is not only done in bad faith, but has caused an international scandal,” says Van Dyk.

The DA also calls on Cricket South Africa to publicly declare that the tournament does not pose any security risks.

“If the tournament does not indeed pose any security threats as a result of an o. 19 player’s religious beliefs, Cricket South Africa must issue an unconditional apology to South Africa as well as Teeger and immediately reinstate him as captain before the start of the tournament.”