‘Death threats’ after blue light incident


A member of the public was reportedly threatened with death after he shared a video of the recent blue light assault incident on the N1 on social media.

Jacques Broodryk, AfriForum’s spokesperson on community safety, confirmed to RNews that a member of the public approached them. “He was not involved in the incident himself, but distributed a video of the incident on social media. He wasn’t the only person who shared the video, but his post was very popular.”

According to Broodryk, the person then received messages that he had “made enemies” and that he would be “dealt with”.

Broodyrk could not confirm who sent the messages, nor did he want to speculate about it.

“We will assist the person with legal aid if he needs it and also help him to file a complaint.”

It can be seen in the video of the incident how officers from the police’s VIP protection services pluck three occupants from a Volkswagen Polo along the highway before these men are repeatedly kicked. The police officers then jump back into their BMW X5 vehicles and drive away.

Brig. Athlenda Mathe, national police spokesperson, told RNews that the matter had been brought to their attention. “We are investigating the death threats and who sent the messages to the person. Our members were already in contact with the person and encouraged him to open a formal case.”

ActionSA claims deputy pres. Paul Mashatile was present when members of his VIP protection unit attacked the three South Africans. “There are several reports that the unit took him home when the incident happened. According to rumours, the VIP unit assaulted the South Africans when they drove too close to the deputy president’s vehicle. This supports ActionSA’s suspicions that the officers were influenced by Mashatile’s mafia-like leadership to act heavily.”

RNews is awaiting feedback from Mashatile’s spokesperson.

All eight members of the unit have meanwhile received letters of possible suspension. The police officers have also since been withdrawn from their posts and will be office-bound pending the outcome of a disciplinary investigation.

RNews reported earlier that a general in the South African Armed Forces (SAAF) allegedly instructed the victims of the incident, all members of the army, not to speak to the media.

Adv. Pikkie Greeff, secretary of the army union Sandu, says the union is in discussion with the army to obtain all relevant information and get the complete picture.