‘Diepe Waters’ Liam makes waves with debut single


Deep waters ‘s Liam Bosman is apparently equally at home behind the microphone as in front of the camera.

The young blonde actor, known for his role as the competitive swimmer Johan in this kykNET telenovela, his debut single “Brief vir jou” was launched on Friday.

It promises to give listeners a sense of “romantic nostalgia and homesickness”.

“We tend to always romanticize people with whom we have had relationships in the form of dreams and dim memories. Nobody is actually perfect, but in our memories they are,” says Liam about the song’s inspiration.

As an actor, the 20-year-old already has a lot under his belt, including roles in For the birds, Fair weather and warm, Things of a child, Baptism and the international Raised by Wolves-series.

However, this is the first time he is also testing the waters of the music industry.

Liam says that he took guitar lessons as a child and grew up in a musical home surrounded by hits from Neil Diamond, Pink Floyd and Eric Clapton.

Pursuing a career as a musician was never part of the plan.

“I didn’t think that my voice was suitable for professional singing. It was only after my best friend encouraged me to explore singing further, that I really decided to look for studios in Johannesburg and get the ball rolling.”

Jacques du Plessis recorded and produced “Brief vir jou”, which Liam wrote himself, at High Seas Studios – a process that Liam describes as a “spit and paste collaboration”.

The song’s accompanying music video was filmed in Cape Town in November this year. Liam and Daniel Lasker co-directed.

According to Liam, he wanted as much creative insight into the video’s storytelling as possible.

He further explains that the actress’s face is intentionally hidden in the music video.

“I wanted to make sure that every viewer could see himself or herself in the video. Everyone can relate to the song because everyone knows the idea of ​​remembering people as perfect when you long for them.”

If he could choose, one day he would like to record a song with Elandré, but currently his focus is still on his work as an actor.

“If people like my song, then I will launch more music. If they don’t, then I’ll play my songs just for my sheepdog, Bailey. Music will be made and played regardless,” he jokes.

  • Watch the music video for “Letter for you” here: