Difficult childhood does not stop Natasha


Natasha Venter from Bloemhof High School for Girls in Stellenbosch’s life was not always easy. That’s why she was very happy when she passed matric, with three distinctions on top of that!

Natasha was in an orphanage for a large part of her life, before she and one of her sisters in gr. 8 were placed with foster parents. She hopes to study BA Humanities at Stellenbosch University this year.

“I was in the orphanage for ten years. It wasn’t very nice for me there, but when I heard I was leaving at the beginning of gr. 8, I was sad after all,” says Natasha.

She has learned a lot and just wants to make the best of her life to show the other children: You can build a future for yourself.

Her advice for children in similar situations is to realize their worth. “Then nothing will stand in your way. Know that God has a plan for you.”

Natasha has a brother (12) and a sister (16) who live in an orphanage in Johannesburg. “It makes things difficult because there are other things going on in your mind while you’re doing school work, and you feel responsible for them.” Nevertheless, Natasha says it also motivates her to work hard.

Her high school career was initially difficult for Natasha because she did not know anyone. But the more friends she made, the more fun school became. “Teachers who notice me or reach out to me encourage me to work hard. If they treat you well, you want to work harder in their class,” says Natasha. “I quite liked all my subjects,” she says. “But Afrikaans stands out for me, especially because the teacher presented it in a fun and interesting way.”

Her dreams for herself are to one day have a family, and to have a job in politics or in legislation.