Disappointment over slow progress in Kosmos murder case


The British Magistrate’s Court was crowded on Monday with friends and relatives of the murdered Magdaleen Prinsloo (58) and her daughter, Ruzanne Weideman (31), where Paul Prinsloo (61), the man accused of their double murder, appeared for the fourth time has.

The group of supporters held up posters with a photo of the mother and daughter before and during Prinsloo’s appearance. The posters said that bail should be denied and that justice should be served.

However, Prinsloo only appeared briefly and the case was postponed until April, apparently due to logistical problems at the court.

Magdaleen and Ruzanne were shot dead on 27 November at around 2.30 pm at their home on Kosmos in the North West. There was apparently an argument between Paul and Magdaleen, after which he allegedly went to get his hunting rifle and shot the mother and daughter dead. Emergency personnel pronounced the two dead at the scene. Prinsloo was arrested at home shortly after the incident and has been behind bars ever since.

In December, he abandoned all his applications for bail and in the meantime called for adv. Zirk Pansegrouw and another right-wing representative, Tom Pritchard, appointed to represent him.

RNews previously reported that Prinsloo argued during his court appearance in February that he – with the help of his new legal representatives – will now apply for bail. His legal team also told the court that Prinsloo is a cancer patient and was also bitten by a spider. The magistrate was then asked if Prinsloo could recuperate in hospital until his next court appearance so that he could receive treatment. The magistrate agreed after which the case was adjourned until this week for the bail application.

Carlien Kleyn (57), Magdaleen’s younger sister, told RNews that she was extremely disappointed that the case was postponed again.

“The court case was apparently postponed for logistical reasons, including sanitation and water problems at the court. What a disappointment,” she said after the proceedings.

“We would like to hear what excuses he is going to use to get bail. We just want everything to be over and for bail to be denied. The man who (allegedly) deprived us of two precious people must remain behind bars for the rest of his life.”