‘Dispute’ Leads to Shooting at Super Bowl Parade


A dispute resulted in this week’s shooting at the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl victory parade.

Two youths are among those currently in police custody in connection with the incident in Kansas City in the US.

“There is no connection with terrorism or violent extremism. It appears to be a dispute between several people that ended in gunfire,” Kansas City Police Chief Stacey Graves told reporters Thursday.

“We have (suspects) in custody, two of which are juveniles. We are working to determine the involvement of others,” Graves said, adding that several firearms were recovered.

According to police, one person, 43-year-old Elizabeth Galvan, died in the shooting. However, local radio station KKFI identified Galvan as DJ Lisa Lopez-Galvan.

Lopez-Galvan’s son and two other family members were wounded in the incident.

According to reports, 11 children were still in the local Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City as of Thursday. A spokesperson for the hospital says the children should all recover.

The hospital treated a total of 12 victims after the shooting, nine with gunshot wounds and the rest with “light injuries”.

According to the police, at least half of the victims were under 16.

On Thursday, Graves thanked those in the crowd who “physically restrained a person believed to be involved in the incident”.

Paul Contreras, who attended the parade with his three daughters, tackled and disarmed one of the attackers just before the police arrived on the scene.

“I was in the right position and could dive him from behind. When I hit him, I either knocked the firearm out of his hand or out of his sleeve,” he explained to CNN reporters earlier this week.

“I flattened him and put all my weight on him, when another good samaritan came to help me.”

RNews earlier reported that the attack took place moments after Chiefs players addressed a cheering crowd.

As shots rang out, terrified fans scrambled for cover as police scrambled to evacuate the Union Station building – a tragic end to a festive morning celebrating Sunday’s NFL football champions.