Dispute over Cape independence deepens


The Referendum Party (RP) disputes the allegations which are believed to have been made by the DA’s federal chairman, dr. Ivan Meyer, was made in Netwerk24 – that the DA cannot call a referendum on Cape independence and that the FF Plus misleads people by suggesting that the DA can.

“If Meyer has been quoted correctly, he is either economical with the truth, or he has completely distorted it,” says Phil Craig, leader of the RP.

Meyer claims that legislation is needed before a referendum can be called and that the DA has already submitted this legislation to parliament. He suggests that a referendum is not possible before such legislation is accepted.

He further claims that election results have proven that there is no support for the idea of ​​Cape independence.

However, Craig says that both claims are inherently dishonest.

“This forms part of a deliberate campaign of misinformation that the DA is using to reduce public support for Cape independence, while it is actually gaining speed.

“The Referendum Party has documents on hand that can prove each of these claims,” ​​says Craig.

He therefore believes that under the circumstances Meyer is in no way sincere in accusing the FF Plus of misleading people.

“The FF Plus is correct, the DA can call a referendum on Cape independence, but they just don’t want to do it.

“Their use of misinformation to hide the facts from their own constituents speaks volumes,” says Craig.