Dobson believes Stormers are showing signs of quicksilver play


A satisfied John Dobson said that the Stormers again showed signs of their old brilliant selves against the Sale Sharks.

The Capetians finished the showdown with 31 – 24 to give their Champions Cup play-off dreams a definite boost.

But it was especially their inventive play, speed and ingenuity on the attack that made Dobson smile big.

“What made me the happiest was that we started to see the Stormers of the last two years. Especially when you look at the way we continuously looked for gaps in the attack,” said the Stormers coach.

It is often joked that rugby is not a contact sport; After all, one of the goals of the game is not to get knocked down when running with the ball.

“Our game against Sale reminded me of the glory days; something we missed a bit this season.”

However, he admitted that there is still hard work waiting for the team: The Stormers sometimes gave away points on a tray against the Englishmen.

According to Dobson, the Stormers have ample opportunities to not only build up a good lead, but also to put the matchup out of reach of their opponents early on.

Yet they often make things difficult for themselves.

“When you sit there in the coaches’ section, you think that the game could have been in the bag for a long time. It would certainly have saved one’s nerves!”

Mercifully, the Capetians have the ability to switch to a higher gear and they were able to finish the matches – against Sale, the Sharks and the Bulls – excellently.