Dog without a trace after being protected from robbers for 18 years


A touching story of bravery and dedication that played out in Vanderbijlpark on Monday took a heartbreaking turn when Sussie, a heroic long-haired Jack Russell, disappeared without a trace after she fiercely protected her owner during an armed robbery.

Kayla Muller (18), a matric student from Transvalia High School, says she came home after her maths paper when three armed men attacked her.

“I was driving home from school after my exam paper. I noticed that there was a vehicle behind me when I turned into the house. The car drove by so I wasn’t really worried.

“I calmly got out of my car and walked around to close the garage’s electric doors. It happened very quickly; I was still pushing the button when I suddenly saw a robber crawling in through the garage door – which was closing.

“He grabbed me by the arm and threatened me with a firearm. He kept telling me to shut up; the garage doors were still closing at this stage.”

She broke free and ran to warn her 85-year-old grandmother and the family’s housekeeper against the robbers.

“The man who threatened me was opening the garage door again to let his accomplices in. There were three men. He left my arm for a moment because he had to press the garage button again. That’s when I decided to run.”

Kayla says a door separates the garage from the rest of the house and she hurried there.

“I couldn’t get the kitchen door open. While I was struggling to get the door open, I saw that the robbers were right behind me.”

The family’s dogs, Sussie and Bumper, both Jack Russell terriers, jumped in between Kayla and the suspects and terrified the thugs.

“Sister and Bumper barked at the suspects and attacked them so much that it gave me time to get the kitchen door open and get away.

“I ran through the house, found the housekeeper and ran to my grandmother’s apartment so we could lock ourselves in there. My grandmother was hanging laundry and could not understand why I was rushing her into the house.

“As we ran to the apartment, I could hear Sussie attacking the robbers and barking at them without stopping,” says Kayla.

If it hadn’t been for the dogs, she doesn’t know what might have happened, says Kayla. The thugs were hot on her heels, they were armed and everyone was terrified.

After the robbers left, they called the police and neighborhood watch and Kayla started looking for Sussie.

However, the puppy was clear.

“Sussie ran after the robbers after they left with one of our televisions. She did not hesitate for one single moment to risk her life for us. I have had her for eight years. Since I was 10 years old, she has been my very best friend. Now she’s just gone…”

A heartbroken Kayla says she is dying of worry for the safety of Sussie, who is also her emotional support dog.

“My heart is broken. I don’t know where she could be, we’ve been driving all over Vanderbijlpark looking for her.

“It rained yesterday, there were storms here and the thunder struck. Sissie is so afraid of the thunder… and I was not with her to comfort her. I don’t know if she’s okay.

“When I feel sad, Sussie knows. She always knew how to make me feel better. She has always been there for me, she is my guardian angel. I miss her so much – my heart feels empty.

“I’m just looking for my puppy back with me.”