Dokki reveals the truth about Graskop


Imagine: You live in one of the most popular tourist towns in South Africa, but in the early hours of the morning a gang strikes and not only blocks all the routes to the town, but they also go on a raid. Shops are looted, explosives are used to blow open safes and a security guard is assaulted. And the police? They lock themselves in the police station.

It is precisely this terrifying incident earlier this year that is now the focus of the fourth investigative news documentary in the Revealseries will be. Graskop: Voertsek, police! takes a closer look at that terrifying night in Graskop and tries to determine why the police were nowhere to be seen at the time.

The nightmare that the Graskop community experienced was not only the cause of trauma, but also the reason why dozens of residents no longer sit around the same fire today.

There are certain residents who wanted to loudly challenge the state of policing in the town, while others preferred silence to avoid embarrassment.

Police and crime experts, including former police captain Ben Booysen, Prof. Rudolph Zinn and Gideon Jones share their insights in this documentary about systemic problems that prevail in the South African police.

Brigadier Selvy Mohlala, provincial police spokesperson in Mpumalanga, gives a conflicting perspective. Richard Mamabolo, representative of the police union, Popcru, also presents his case Graskop: Voertsek, police!

This variety of experts sit around the same table to shed light on the policing and security issues in the country.

The incident not only terrified residents, but also the impact it had on the town’s economy is uncertain. This tourist town’s local residents wonder if the image of the town will ever recover after the night of looting.

Graskop, like other towns, is riddled with problems related to infrastructure, maintenance and distrust in the local authorities.

This documentary episode investigates whether the town will be able to keep its head above water in the midst of frustrating and explosive circumstances.

  • Graskop: Voertsek, police! will be broadcast on Sunday 6 August at 20:00 on kykNET (DStv channel 144) and will also be available on Catch Up.