Double-door joy for ‘Elders’ presenter on the road


Ernst Grundling, the well-known presenter of the kykNET travel program Elsewhereas well as travel journalist and writer, will soon become the father of identical twins.

These are the first children of Ernst (44) and his wife, Catharien, and the twin boys are expected to make their arrival in April.

Ernst tells RNews that he and Catharien have been trying to get pregnant for a while, and he admits that at one stage he even started to think that fatherhood might just not be for him.

“So when she got pregnant, it was relief and joy,” says Ernst, who shared two photos on social media: one when they found out there were twins on the way and one when they recently went for Catharien’s 21-week sonar has.

“In October, with the first sonar at the gynecologist, we only saw one fetus and listened to the heartbeat. It was a beautiful, quiet moment… and then all three of us simultaneously saw a second fetus on the screen. I uttered a word of power, but was immediately extremely excited and grateful. And completely blown away…

“I still feel that way!

“We only heard after genetic tests that they were identical and with a subsequent sonar we saw that they were boys.”

Although Ernst admits he has no idea what to expect, he trusts that “a few hundred thousand years of instinct and DNA will kick in and we will be okay”.

“I am very curious about the new role as a father, because for a long time I thought it would never happen. As for my schedule I will necessarily have to adjust. I want to be more at home and present, but I will still have to travel often; this is how I earn an income these days and there will be many new expenses.”

He tells Catharien that he is very much looking forward to seeing how the twins, although they are identical, also develop as individuals.

“She wants to teach them how to make barbecue and watch rugby with them. I recently had a documentary, Dads, watched in which a father says you really only have to give your children three things: love, security and a good example. This is what I will strive for. Another father in the dock also said you have to accept that one day your children will complain about you in therapy. So, I’m just going to accept it now.”

Ernst and Catharien were married in March 2021 at The Dharma Center on Robertson in the Western Cape.

He jokes on social media that they like the names Siya and Steph, Rassie and Jacques, Brolloks and Bittergal, Roger and Rafa, and Romulus and Remus.

“We really like Jackals and Wolf, but will only finally decide on names later and probably only announce them after the birth.”