Dricus brings home the title!


There was the Rugby World Cup final in Paris. And now there’s the UFC middleweight title fight in Toronto.

Yes-no, South Africans once again showed on the big stage that we are just put together differently.

Dricus “Stillknocks” du Plessis is the new world champion in his weight class after he settled with Sean Strickland in the Canadian city.

The 30-year-old South African was bleeding, sweating and he didn’t back down for a single moment for five rounds – even when Strickland’s fast right fist landed a few punches.

Du Plessis was also good tactically and he often brought his opponent to the ground to rob him of any momentum. In between he was also in the spot with a few well-calculated kicks and punches.

Those who often complain about his fitness can just go blow caps.

Du Plessis was certainly at his best in the fourth round of the fight – the blood flowed from a cut near Strickland’s eye and the South African got under him with intent.

Even in the fifth round, it didn’t seem like he needed a break and the spectators, who were initially quite hostile towards him, let loose with a few “DDP” shouts.

Both fighters celebrated a victory after the duel while they were applauded standing. But when the final score was read out, only one’s hand remained in the air: Dricus “Stillknocks” du Plessis.

The new world champion!

“Can I have my flag? South Africa, now they know what we know!” Du Plessis said after the fight as his parents and coaches looked on.

Today, South Africa once again has a sporting reason to celebrate.

  • What the fight officials’ scores looked like:

48 – 47 for Strickland

48 – 47 for Du Plessis

48 – 47 for Du Plessis