Duo TWO back on Top-20


The music duo TWEE, consisting of Herman Kleinhans and Danielle Dippenaar, enters the RNews Afrikaans Top-20 this week with their brand new release, “Hey soetlief”.

Herman explains on Instagram that it might be one of the Afrikaans songs that are different from “ordinary songs”.

“This song has two different chorus parts that were written in such a way that the chorus parts fit together when you sing them together,” writes Herman on Instagram.

Danny Smoke’s “Stadig” falls a few places to the 19th position while Zaan Sonnekus jumps a place with “The shortest here”.

Riaan Benadé, Die Piesangskille, Brendan Peyper and Eloff still each have more than one track that graces the hit parade.

Appel’s “Heito potato” remains for the third week in the no. 1 position.

In this week’s RNews Afrikaans Top-20, there are ten songs that climb, two that remain unchanged, one song that enters the Top-20 and seven that lose their places.

1. Apple – “Heito potato”
2. Riaan Benadé – “Boxing Dais”
3. Riaan Benadé – “Steam”
4. The Banana Peels – “Inge 2”
5. Brendan Peyper – “Madeleine”
6. Eloff – “Wings”
7. Riaan Benadé – “Forest Therapy”
8. Demi Lee Moore – “Heartbreak”
9. Riaan Benadé with Demi Lee Moore – “Heaven & Hell”
10. Brendan Peyper – “Spring Body”
11. Bernice West – “Just Dance”
12. Brendan Peyper – “Kiss Like You Dance”
13. Eloff – “Every Dear Thing”
14. Chris Steyn – “Totally”
15. The Banana Peels – “Her name was Summer”
16. The Banana Peels – “Converse”
17. Brendan Peyper – “Tired Dance”
18. Zaan Sonnekus – “The shortest here”
19. Danny Smoke – “Slow”
20. Two – “Hey sweetie”

RNnews’s choice:

One of the RNews team members shares five of their favorite Afrikaans songs weekly. Enjoy the variety!

Brendon Staniforth, advertising consultant and motoring journalist, shares the five Afrikaans songs he is listening to this week:

1. “Take me on wings” – Annelie van Rooyen with Sensation
2. “Errors” – Apple
3. “Wings” – Eloff
4. “Farm Life” – Anlia Star
5. “Sannie the running cap” – Refentse

* The RNews Afrikaans Top-20 is compiled by single releases and various data factors are taken into account: Apple Music and Spotify streams, YouTube views (specifically week-to-week data), as well as radio playtime. Physical album sales have no influence on this hit parade.