Elderly rescued five days after earthquake in Japan


Rescue workers and residents of Japan sifted through debris on Saturday in the hope of finding more survivors and missing persons. However, they did not expect to dig out an elderly woman in her 90s alive from under the rubble.

Five days after a devastating earthquake struck Japan, there was little hope of finding survivors. That hope often fades after three days when a 7.5 earthquake, several aftershocks and even a tsunami hit an area.

But an elderly woman miraculously survived for five days under the wreckage of a house in the city of Suzu before she was rescued on Saturday.

According to the national broadcaster NHK, the woman was taken to hospital, but she responded clearly to questions. She is recovering in the hospital.

The earthquake has already claimed the lives of 126 people and many are still missing. It also destroyed roads and resulted in numerous landslides.

Meanwhile, rain and snow storms worsen the conditions of more than 30,000 people who are housed in 366 shelters.

This while emergency services are slowly reaching areas isolated by landslides and experiencing water and power cuts.

“The first priority is to save people under the rubble, and to reach isolated communities,” Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said in an interview with NHK.

The army sent small groups of troops on foot to each of the isolated communities and several helicopters were deployed to reach the communities.

“Together with these efforts, we must improve the conditions in shelters, and prioritize the health of those suffering in the disaster” as these people still need to be housed in the shelters for a long time.