Election 2024 | SA will ‘undoubtedly’ support ANC – Ramaphosa


Pres. Cyril Ramaphosa voted in Soweto on Wednesday and says he has “no doubt” that South Africans entitled to vote will once again throw their weight behind the ruling ANC.

The ANC has enjoyed an absolute majority in parliament since the start of democracy in 1994, but opinion polls indicate that support for the ANC may for the very first time drop below the 50% mark.

After he voted, Ramaphosa said he believed South Africans would once again place their trust in the ANC to govern the country.

“The people of South Africa will give the ANC, as a vote today, a solid majority. There is not even a doubt about it in my mind, my head and in my train of thought. The ANC, under my leadership, ran a formidable campaign.

“We are determined to ensure that democracy is the winner in this entire election. Ultimately, it is the democratic processes in our country that will emerge victorious. And the ANC will reap a dividend from that – and emerge as the winning party.

“Today, South Africa decides on the future of our country and I have no doubt that the people will once again place their trust in the ANC to continue to lead our country.”

Regarding criticism of the live TV speech that Ramaphosa gave just a few days before the election, he said there were two reasons why he addressed the country. “The one was to give feedback regarding the readiness for the election and to give feedback regarding the work of the sixth administration as it has now come to an end.

“We tried to tell the people of South Africa to choose any party they want in the election. (The people) had to be assured that a lot of work was done by all of us, all South Africans were involved in pushing this country forward. And I was very careful to say that it was all of us.”

The DA and the uMkhonto weSizwe party (MKP) sued Ramaphosa at the electoral court over his speech on Sunday evening.

The MKP requested the electoral court to suspend the ANC’s registration as a political party as punishment. The DA asked that the number of votes the ANC receives in the election be reduced by 1% should the electoral court find that Ramaphosa has breached the Electoral Code of Conduct.

The MKP accuses Ramaphosa, like the DA, of being guilty of blatant and serious violations of the Electoral Act when he addressed the country and sang the sixth administration’s praises.