Eloff is flying high on this Top-20


After the December holidays, it is clear that party songs graced all playlists, if one looks at streaming data, and the RNews Afrikaans Top-20 bears witness to this.

Eloff’s “Vlerke” takes the top position on the first Top-20 of 2024.

The chorus part contains the same lyrics and melody as the original song, “Neem my op vlerke”, by Anneli van Rooyen.

The music video for the song has already been viewed more than one million times on YouTube after it was uploaded only a month ago.

Bok van Blerk is also back on the Top-20 with his latest single, “Dis raak”.

In this week’s Top-20, there are five songs that climb, one new song that enters the hit parade, three songs that remain unchanged and eleven songs that lose their places.

1. Eloff – “Wings”
2. The Banana Peels – “Inge 2”
3. Demi Lee Moore – “Heartbreak”
4. Riaan Benadé – “Boxing Dais”
5. Dodo Nyoka – “Country girl from Bloem”
6. Chris Steyn – “Totally”
7. Juanita du Plessis – “Dear jinn!”
8. Apple – “Buffels of Buffelsfontein”
9. The Banana Peels – “Her name was Summer”
10. Elandré – “Please”
11. Brendan Peyper – “Tired Dance”
12. Bok van Blerk – “It’s touching”
13. Karlien van Jaarsveld – “Als is okay”
14. Dream Syndrome – “Dance Alone”
15. Apple – “Mistakes”
16. Ricus Nel – “Kalahari Ferrari”
17. Barto – “H2Eyes”
18. The Banana Peels – “Lyntjie”
19. Eloff – “Cold coals”
20. Barto – “Impulsive”

New releases:

The duo Vrede worked together with Tino on a brand new song which they already released in December.

“Awe” is about the lighter things in life and is a light, carefree song about embracing childlike peace and joy and youth.

Other songs released are PietFrik’s “Afrikaans, ek mis jou”, Bok van Blerk’s “Dis raak”, Die Heuwels Fantasties together with Loki Rothman’s “Jy is al wat ek het”, Armand Hofmeyr wants to dance with Afrikaans ‘s “Marie”, Arno Jordaan with Louis van Lill’s “Saaragaand”, Elsje du Toit’s “Voel” and Ampie’s “Volksie bonnet”.

* The RNews Afrikaans Top-20 is compiled by single releases and various data factors are taken into account: Apple Music and Spotify streams, YouTube views (specifically week-to-week data), as well as radio playtime. Physical album sales have no influence on this hit parade.