Emile Swiegers carves his own musical path in Afrikaans


Growing up with a father like the well-known Afrikaans singer and songwriter André Swiegers is, according to his youngest son, musician Emile Swiegers, a privilege and asset in the music industry.

Yet, Emile tells RNews, he found his own identity in music from an early age and always knew that his own life path would also be determined by music.

AndrĂ© is the author of a handful of some of the biggest hits in the Afrikaans music treasury. These include “Eva”, “Jammer om te hoor”, “Maggie relax” and “Blou”, which was made famous by the iconic singer Laurika Rauch and which was recently re-arranged with Loki Rothman.

“Even though I didn’t think I was going to be exactly like my father, as a person and a musician I have always formed my own identity and done my own thing, even though I went through a few phases. Music is second nature to me, and although everything naturally comes at a price, I think my choices as an artist are more comfortable and aligned with who I am because of my background,” says Emile.

He recently moved from Pretoria to Cape Town and works full-time as a solo artist, songwriter and music producer. His latest release, “Roep jou naam”, is his first solo release in Afrikaans.

It follows English hit tracks such as “Dopamine” and “Should Have Known Better”, which enjoy considerable radio airtime.

“I believe the fact that I come from a musical home and was surrounded by that world since childhood created a realistic foundation for me about the music industry, about what other people can do for you and what music can be for you.”

Emile (32) and his older brother, Jean, made a name for themselves on the alternative Afrikaans music scene more than a decade ago. Together with the brothers Pieter and Dawie de Jager, the Swiegers brothers founded the rock band Die Tuindwergies and released hits such as “Kopskudkinders”, “Golwe (Terwyl die dark wolke dans)” and “As jy val”.

Emile says he has a diverse and wide interest in music in general, and his background as a musician includes from instrumental music to soul, blues and now also an organic switch from English to Afrikaans.

“I have written and sung in Afrikaans before, but this year I want to focus more on a few strong elements in my music and better visualize my future in the Afrikaans music industry. I also plan to bring a more international sound, such as that of the artist Beck, to Afrikaans music.”

“Roep jou naam” is from Emile’s own pen and he also played all the instruments for the track. Ewald Janse van Rensburg did the final mixing and Luca Hart handled the violin and backing vocals.

“It is important for me to carve out my own path in the year ahead and deliver my input as a musician in as many places as possible.”

“Call Your Name” is available on all major digital platforms.