Employers in South Africa want to fill these positions


The online career portal Pnet says in its latest job trends report that jobs in the payroll and salary department (financial sector) are still in high demand.

The demand for personal assistants and vacancies in customer support, in the administration, office and support sector is next on the list of positions that employers want to fill. This is followed by positions for nursing and professional care (in the medical and health sector) and then representatives or sales consultants.

  • Buildings and construction

On an annual basis, the demand for workers in the building and construction industry rose by 14%. Despite fewer appointments in the first two months of the year, more people are still being recruited than a year ago.

  • Architecture and engineering

Hiring activity in this sector also increased by 14% on an annual basis. Although hiring has decreased slightly over the past three months, the trend remains positive with stable employment opportunities.

  • Manufacturing and assembly sector

Employment activity in the manufacturing and assembly sector increased by 13%. There was increased recruitment activity in November last year and since then there has been continued recruitment compared to a year ago.

Remote work in SA

With the strict restrictions introduced in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic in South Africa, employers had to make major adjustments – including with workers who had to work from home – to keep business going.

The restrictions subsequently resulted in profound changes in the world of work and workplaces.

Traditional office work has rapidly transitioned to remote work, with employees becoming accustomed to working from home using online platforms for communication and collaboration.

This shift has necessitated adjustments in work routines and practices, as well as the adoption of new technology to facilitate remote work. In addition, businesses have implemented strict health and safety protocols to protect people and ensure adherence to social distancing and hygiene guidelines.

The pandemic has underlined the importance of flexibility, resilience and innovation to tackle unprecedented challenges in the workplace landscape, says Pnet’s report.

Remote and hybrid work models still remain common, but the question is increasingly how many new opportunities for remote work are available.

Pnet investigated the trend of remote work based on advertised positions for remote work or a hybrid model. The findings show that although most jobs no longer offer remote work as an option, it still happens.

Certain market sectors also offer more opportunity for remote work than others.

While the information technology (IT) sector had already introduced remote working before the Covid-19 pandemic, other sectors, such as business and management, finance, administration and office and support services, as well as sales, followed in the IT sector’s footsteps during the pandemic.

Pnet says in its report that it is important to note that jobs with telecommuting options tend to be the same jobs that are in high demand. This can make it more difficult to fill positions. As a result, employers must offer more attractive and flexible working conditions to attract talent with the right skills.