Escape the outside world on Super Sokkie boat trip


“The moment I enter the ship, I forget about the outside world. Immediately my fear turns into a feeling of excitement and right there the ship bug bites me properly.”

This is how Annelize Brits writes about her experience on the fun Super Sokkie boat trip, which in 2023 changed her view on boat travel holidays forever.

“For three full days you are given over to bliss and the most important choices you have to make are what you are going to eat (especially in the buffet restaurant), which shows you want to watch, or whether you would rather relax in one of the lounges sit down and listen to an artist strumming his guitar. And of course, what’s the next cocktail on the menu to try.

“Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, we disembarked at the Portuguese island – again a choice: do you want to remain quietly on the ship or do you want to disembark together? The sea there is also different from the sea I am used to: no rough sea currents and big waves.

“We swam, ate and had a good time with old friends and new friends made on the ship. It was absolutely a three-day festival. And when I got off that ship on Monday, I knew I would never be able to look at a ship the same again.”

You can also experience this magical sea and music holiday with some of the country’s biggest artists in 2024.

Kurt Darren, Juanita du Plessis, Early B and Justin Vega, Jay and Lianie May, Nicholis Louw, Jakkie Louw, Dirk van der Westhuizen, Samantha Leonard and Ray Dylan invite all Afrikaans music lovers to join them on the brand new MSC Splendida to hoe and visit.

Upbeat Afrikaans music will not only reverberate from the deck to the lounge to the restaurants and theater of the ship, but also on the white sea sands of the Portuguese Island.

“We are going to take over the ship with Afrikaans music and therefore we invite you to make your reservation for the Super Sokkie boat trip now,” says Kurt Darren, owner of SuperEvents who is involved in the organization of the boat trip.

“The people, the atmosphere, the fast dancing, the loose dancing, the singing together and the togetherness make the Super Sokkie boat trip definitely worth it. There is room for thousands of Afrikaans music lovers, let’s fill it up,” says Kurt.

RNews will also provide great fun on deck. Among other things, there will be a few surprises with pop-up shows in the various venues.

For a deposit of only R3 000 you can listen to Juanita’s “Dis Tyd” and “Ska-rumba” on the deck, see Ray Dylan singing “Jessica” in the living room and hoe to the beat of Dirk van der Westhuizen’s “Sexy vir my”.

For more information, click here. To make sure you don’t miss the opportunity, book here.