Eskom denies rumors about whistleblowers


Eskom believes the “baseless allegations” that the organization launched an investigation to reveal whistleblowers are “serious, worrying and malicious”.

“The organization views whistle-blowing as an important aspect of uncovering misconduct and as a vehicle for eradicating corruption,” the power supplier said in a statement. “These rumors put Eskom’s integrity in a poor light. Even more worrying is that the rumors may discourage employees from reporting irregularities. This will undo the progress we have made in the fight against fraud and corruption.”

City Press reported Eskom wants to expose whistleblowers who revealed information about an alleged R500 million security contract awarded to Fidelity Services Group under the power supplier’s suspended head of security, Karin Pillay. According to the report, Eskom has appointed a forensic audit firm to investigate allegations against Pillay. According to Fidelity, the cost of the contract amounts to R250 million, not R500 million. “The investigation is highly confidential, sensitive and urgent and the acting senior manager of forensic services will provide the supplier with its detailed scope,” the text on the scope of the audit reads. City Press.

“Eskom has several channels to report corruption and fraud including the services of an independent whistleblower company called Whistle Blowers (Pty) Ltd.,” Eskom’s statement continues. ‚ÄúThese services enable employees, suppliers and members of the public who wish to report fraud and criminal activity to do so confidentially and anonymously. The identity of the anonymous whistleblowers is not known, not even to the officer to whom the complaint is reported.”

According to the power suppliers, employees, who themselves choose to disclose their identity when they report suspicious activity, are fully protected by Eskom’s whistleblower policy. It provides for the protection of whistleblowers against any type of retaliation.

“Eskom wants to assure its employees and the country of its commitment to protect whistleblowers and to offer support to those who decide to do so. All relevant policies and processes are regularly reviewed to meet this commitment.”

The power supplier thanked its staff, suppliers and the public who continue to use the various whistleblower channels to reveal irregularities. “We also like to request fair, balanced and correct reporting by our media.”

Fraud, corruption and illegal activity can be reported by calling Eskom’s crime line 0800 11 27 22 or sending an email to