Expect heavy traffic to Limpopo


The department of transport in Limpopo warns that heavy traffic can be expected from Friday on roads in the province – and especially main routes leading there. Thousands of motorists will start traveling north for the Christmas season from today.

Traffic officers have been deployed on all major routes and at various other points to monitor the situation and help manage any traffic congestion, says departmental spokesperson Tidimalo Chuene.

Some of the routes where the heaviest traffic is expected include:

  • N1 and R101 to Polokwane
  • N1 from Polokwane to the Beitbrug border post near Musina
  • N11 to the Groblersbrug border post

The department appealed to motorists to maintain a safe following distance, not to overload vehicles with passengers or cargo and to stop every 200 km to prevent driver fatigue.

“Be patient and considerate when approaching the toll gates, especially at the Kranskop and Nyl toll gates on the N1,” says Chuene.

Motorists can especially expect delays here.

“Avoid driving on the wrong side of the road, or creating (yourself) additional lanes because this will cause even more delays.”