Famous in equestrian circles seriously injured after fall


Prayers and messages are pouring in for Janita Doyer, a celebrity in equestrian circles, after she fell off her horse and was seriously injured.

“These are serious prayer matters,” Nellie Tromp, Doyer’s daughter, said on Friday.

On Friday afternoon, she was on her way to the Life Midmed hospital in Middelburg, Mpumalanga, where her mother has been kept in a medically induced coma since the Easter weekend.

According to Tromp, her mother was part of a group of riders who took part in a historic tour. The route spanned 117 km and four days. The journey, from Dullstroom to Belfast, took riders to numerous historical sites, monuments and areas where famous battles took place.

Doyer and the group were on their way to the last monument they would visit on Monday when her horse stumbled. Her mother had been on one of her favorite tour horses, says Tromp.

With the fall, Doyer suffered a neck injury, she stopped breathing and her heart stopped.

“There were a few anxious moments,” says Tromp.

Fortunately, she says, there were some of the fellow riders who were able to apply first aid immediately. One of the riders was a doctor and helped to get Doyer’s heart going again while waiting for the ambulance.

At the hospital, it was determined that although there were no displaced vertebrae in Doyer’s neck, she did essentially break her neck.

According to Tromp, the full extent of the damage, and whether there is any paralysis, can only be determined with certainty later.

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The biggest concern now is Doyer’s lungs, which are struggling to function properly, and it has been decided to put her on a ventilator.

“It was a difficult decision… but everyone is cheering her on and we receive many prayers and messages from all quarters. It carries us,” says Tromp.

Doyer is not only known in endurance riding and horse circles, but also for her Arkab Arabian stud near Belfast.

Tromp described her mother as a great spirit in the industry.

“She is not someone who necessarily likes to be in the spotlight, but she gave good advice and people especially love her for that,” says Tromp.