‘Farmer’: Oranjezicht another participant poorer


As a participant, he has a heart (and mouth) of gold, but Stanley Venter (24), a salesman of car parts from Pretoria,’s good team spirit was apparently not enough to be a longer part of the kykNET reality show. Farm boy not to be.

He greeted his Oranjezicht teammates in Thursday night’s installment after they lost the knockout challenge, which involved milking cows and making butter, for the fourth time.

This team also lost the bread baking challenge and did not impress the food guru Herman Lensing with their burnt corn and biltong bread rolls.

“I had a premonition that I might be voted out, but you can never really be 100% sure what will happen in the end at the cooperative visit,” Stanley tells RNews.

The 24-year-old believes he deserved to be on the farm longer and thinks the team has focused more on trickery than “being worth its salt”.

“I think the person who cost the team the challenge should have been voted out, and in this case it was Pieter,” says Stanley.

Pieter, who had to milk the cow during the knockout challenge, had his bucket kicked over several times by the upset cow. As a result, the team did not get enough milk quickly enough to make butter.

A tearful Pieter told his team to vote him out after their fourth consecutive defeat, but was received with sympathy by Liovian, André and Michelle – something Stanley believes would not have happened if he had been in Pieter’s shoes.

“Now that the cows were ugly, now everyone’s ‘ah shame, Pieter got hurt’, but Pieter was too scared and in a hurry around the cows. The cows sensed it,” Stanley argued in Thursday night’s episode.

Pieter, who makes no secret of his competitive spirit throughout the competition, and Stanley also butted heads in the bread baking challenge after Pieter, according to Stanley, blamed him for the team’s burnt buns.

That is why Stanley was surprised to see that Pieter was not one of those to scoop salt from his silo at the cooperative visit.

“I think I look at him a little differently now. He’s a good guy, he’s just very competitive, and I think we could have worked better together, but it’s still a game. There are no hard feelings,” emphasizes Stanley.

He says that the whole group exchanged broadcast messages and became “a big group of friends”.

“Everyone is nice people, but it remains a competition for money, so not everyone is always themselves. I believe I was true to myself and my personality; I wouldn’t be able to conspire.”

About his decision not to play a pickle penny, Stanley says firmly: “I’ve always believed that you can’t buy your place in life, you have to earn it.”

He says that he enjoyed the silence, togetherness and physical farm work enormously.

“I have three work phones on which I have to be available all the time, so being a bit isolated from everything and everyone has done me a lot of good. We worked hard, but I still felt as if I had come back from some type of vacation,” he says with a laugh.

The farmer’s sports challenge and Groenkloof and Oranjezicht’s first joint visit in episode four was a highlight for him.

“I wish viewers could see more of that. It was so nice to get to know each other with everyone and grill a little meat. It felt like a nice reward.”

Stanley says he is also grateful for the new skills he has acquired through his Farm boy-reis and says he believes anew that one can “get a lot done with very little”.

“It seems to me that many people these days experience a type of aimlessness, but something like this program helps clear your head and awaken a type of ambition in you. One can find oneself and learn what one is capable of. You realize how much you have to live for.”

His characteristic golden smile is also something he talks about unashamedly.

“At the time, we didn’t have the money to fix my teeth, which I was made fun of a lot. In high school, my mom took me to get gold crowns put in, and they were able to adjust them a little for us beforehand.

“I then decided that if my crooked teeth were a problem for children, I would make sure my new smile shines. One needs your unique qualities embrace,” he shares.

Milandie makes new enemies

Although Groenkloof did not let the porridge, i.e. the butter and bread dough, fall to the ground like Oranjezicht, underlying tensions between Blue, Milandie and Etienne continued to brew.

Milandie, who was farm manager in Thursday night’s episode, may also have found a new enemy in Blue after, according to him, she conspired more than worked during the bread baking challenge.

He and Monique, who was a confidant of Milandie, considered creating from her silo, should their team be invited to the cooperative visit.

“We can do without Milandie and the water tank she got for us now. We won’t miss either of them,” Blue confessed about his teammate in his video diary.

“She brought this on herself.”

  • Farm boy can be seen Thursdays at 20:00 on kykNET, DStv channel 144.